A new start~ ICEMOMT STUDIO is renamed to be imPRO

  前身ICEMOMT STUDIO,或者你會未曾聽說過,誰是C Lok,就趁這個機會,看看他的作品,或許他便是你一直以來想找的人,現在IM PRO會繼續由C Lok幫大家拍照,跟以往有何分別?不會多說,找C Lok就知道了! 若你已認識C Lok,希望你能於客戶留言板(TESTIMONIALS)留句說話,讓其他人對他有多一點了解,很感激您的支持及意見! ICEMOMT STUDIO is now renamed to be IM PRO, perhaps you haven’t even heard about ICEMOMT STUDIO or C Lok. May I ask you to have a glance on his works. He might be the photographer that you are looking for. Let’s have C Lok to […]


im proNovember 17, 2013 - 14:23

Annie, thank you so much for your appreciation! It does mean a lot to me!
By the way, I have just shown your pretty face to my visitors. Hope you enjoy browsing it too.
-C Lok-

AnnieAugust 9, 2013 - 23:49

It was our honor to have Clok to by our engagement AND wedding day photographer.

Just like many other brides, I had a difficult time choosing an engagement photos photographer. I knew Clok would be the one from our initial meeting. He was approachable and he was able to answer all of our questions.

The experience of photo shooting and photos are both equally important. I had a great time. The shooting was filled with fun and laughter.

On our wedding day, I received endless compliments abt the on day video Clok and his team made. Everybody were very impressed by both the “behind the photo shoot” video and on day video.

Furthermore, I like how Clok and his teammates present himself as professionals on our banquet.

Lastly, this company is fair in terms of pricing. There was never any surcharges