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多謝clok 幫我們拍了一輯這麼美麗的照片,我們十分喜愛這輯照片,好滿意。
有一些照片是在山上的蘆葦平原拍攝,當時的氣溫只有7度,比我們預期的冷,但clok 他們務著寒冷的天氣,很細心、很專業地幫我們完成這輯照片,真的很感謝你。此外,我們不太懂擺pose,clok很有耐性地教我們,給我們很多建議,我們真的很欣賞他這份專業、認真的態度。
衷心感謝Im pro的所有人幫我們完成這輯照片,日後我們有小朋友的時候,一定會再找你們拍照,謝謝你們!

Winnie & Hosan

Winnie    November 17, 2013   

It was our honor to have Clok to by our engagement AND wedding day photographer.

Just like many other brides, I had a difficult time choosing an engagement photos photographer. I knew Clok would be the one from our initial meeting. He was approachable and he was able to answer all of our questions.

The experience of photo shooting and photos are both equally important. I had a great time. The shooting was filled with fun and laughter.

On our wedding day, I received endless compliments abt the on day video Clok and his team made. Everybody were very impressed by both the "behind the photo shoot" video and on day video.

Furthermore, I like how Clok and his teammates present himself as professionals on our banquet. Lastly, this company is fair in terms of pricing. There was never any surcharges

Annie    August 10, 2013   

C Lok is a very professional photographer. He was the photographer of my engagement and wedding day. He always gave us useful suggestions and eager to make our photos look out of a kind. Very patient and kind, C Lok is the right choice of photographer for anyone who is expecting exceptional photos for their special moments in life.

Carol    August 9, 2013   

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